About Us

COMSIP was born out of the need to incarcate a culture of savings among common Malawians. COMSIP is a member owned union of savings and investment cooperatives covering the whole country and registered under the Cooperative Act No 36 of 1998

Our Mission

COMSIP Cooperative Union exists to promote the growth and sustenance of member owned COMSIP cooperatives by providing flexible products and services for sustainable development..

Corporate Objectives

• To build a culture of savings and investment amongst rural and peri-urban poor communities

• To collaborate with stakeholders in mobilizing domestic savings for sustainable social and economic development

• To nurture an entrepreneurial culture and develop small business management skills through Value Chains among rural and peri-urban poor communities

• To promote and strengthen COMSIP Cooperative Union and its primary Cooperative Societies in Malawi

• To create opportunities for rural and peri-urban communities to access financial and marketing services.

Our Vision

A leading organization in promoting a vibrant sustainable culture of savings and investment amongst ordinary Malawian for improvement of their livelihoods..


Comsip offer a number of services to her affiliates and others inorder to attain the set goals. These services are mostly in form of capacity building. It is believed that people can come out of poverty if the mindset is changed and have a positive focus, so to change the mindset a number of strategies are employed.

Legumes Enterprise Structured Production

Under this programme the affiliates and others are trained in Legume production. The benefit of this double edged service is that the affiliates produce legumes as a nutrition suppliment as well as for revenue. the produce is sold to themselves as they are the owners of the Union, so at the end the affiliates get all the profits in terms of dividends.

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Value Chain

Different locations and areas have different opportunities in terms of entreprises. Under this programme the affiliates propose a production area they can easily venture. With the assistance of the Union they are trained in various production areas and start to produce on commercial level. the popular business ventures currently being undertaken include: Confectionery, Piggery, Goat keeping, winery, Soap making, Candle making, Fish marts, ICT Business Centre.

Health and Nutrition

Healthy body and mind propagate development individually as well as community at large. Under this programme members from affiliated cooperatives are trained in basics health, sanitation and nutrition. At the end members are supposed to be engaged in various health and nutrition smicroprojects at household level and community level. at the end the entire community will be a healtier community and more development can be propagated.

Comsip Eight Jobs

Develomemntal individual Indicators which are taught and are supposed to be adhered to if the members are to remain members.

Savings and Investment Promotion

Save before spending---- this is the message preached to all members. After saving the money has to be put to more economical sense so that it should yield some return. In so doing members gradually from meagre income can have meaningful investments and thereby defeating poverty


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